/5th Generation Network and Wireless Technology

5th Generation Network and Wireless Technology

What is 5g Network?

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network which is one step ahead in mobile technology.It is abbreviated as 5G.It,s speed is much better than 4G.According to some sources, we knew that a new generation  5G may be introduced in the early 2020.With 5G we can communicate so fast that it becomes almost real-time communication, putting mobile internet services on par with office services.It will be very fast and will provide a good internet speed.It is very similar to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standers which are working for the 4G system.Samsung is the leading electronic company in the It world. They are going forward every single day,with the invention of newer and newer technology as well as newer devices. Samsung claims that they invent 5th Generation Wireless Network (5G).

Which Companies are working on it?

The number of companies is increasing day by day,.Companies are investing in the preparation for the new mobile wireless standard.5G mainly focus on providing worldwide connectivity to lay the ground for the fast and the flexible access to the internet user whether you are on a top of the building or down under a subway station.

5G would be more effective, efficient and significantly faster than 4G providing higher productivity across all capable devices with a theoretical download speed 10,000 Mbps.But this Network will be very costly. this system will not support to old mobile phones hence people have to buy new phones.5G network will provides multiple gigabits per second.

Samsung: Electronics giant Samsung has conducted the trial using the 5G base station and 5G mobile phone prototypes compliant with 5G technology. They have achieved the download speed of 1 Gbps over a 2Km distance at the microwave frequency of 28 GHz. Nokia: The Company NOKIA has demonstrated 5G technology based prototypes showing peak data rate speed of over 30 Gbps. This technology will be used in more than 1 million 5G phones in a single cell simultaneously.

History Of networks.

First 1G system is Introduced in 1982 and  first 2G system was Introduced in 1992, first 3G systems was introduced in 2001 and first 4G system Introduced in 2012. The number of the  companies is increasing for investing in the preparation for the new mobile wireless standard but there are eight criteria have been set to be qualified from the (GSMA) Group Special Mobile Association:

Advantages Of 5G Network.

One millisecond end to end round trip delay
1000X bandwidth per unit area
10 to 100X numbers of connected device
(Perception of) 100 percent coverage
(perception of) 99.999 percent availability
90 percent reduction in network energy usage
Up to ten-year battery life for low power, machine-type device..Thanks For Reading Guys.

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