5 Playstore Apps Based on Artificial Intelligence.

What are Artificial Intelligency apps?

Artificial Intelligency apps are the next big thing in the Technology world. Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant all are based on AI.These apps can understand our language,by using them can make our life more easier like the auto houses projects which are developing that can understand human natural language. Not only the Virtual Assistant there are Thousands  of apps that are based on AI. We already saw that Virtual assistants like Google Assistant are really helpful for people, these app has done lots of stuff just by users Voice command like messaging, scheduling etc.

1: Cortana:

Cortana is a very famous application for Window 10 users,but now this application also available for Android an Ios.It helps you manage tasks that would otherwise need hands to do Users just need to log with a Microsoft account and they can do lots of things just by voice commands like messaging, schedule meetings, sending emails etc.(Download it on Android and iOS)


2: Google Allo:

Google Allo is an AI-centric messaging app and is  developed by Google. Google Allo was launched on September 21, 2016, and is available for both Android and iOS.If you are feeling lazy then allo is here for you, it makes your messaging experience smooth.  Be it sign up with the phone number,Google Allo is an AI based smart app and that’s why when you don’t want to type a message it automatically shows you Smart Reply by learning your behavior and suggests responses to photos and text in your style. It gives you the option to search your desirable Articles, Videos, and photos. It has option to answering the questions, set events on calendars, set Reminders etc.

3: AIVC ( Artificial Intelligent Voice Control)

This app is also developed on the basis of artificial intelligency.You can ask questions, get clever answers, do some chit chat and much more. This app is highly intelligent and this ranks it higher than the others.

4: HOUND Voice Search & Assistant –

Hound is also AI based voice Assistant that makes your searching experience easy and fast also,hound gives users Information, communication, entertainment services.You can use Hound to know the current weather or weather forecast for the coming days. Ask this app to assist you in finding the nearest best food restaurants, find movie showtime etc.These features make hound best AI app than it,s competitors.

5: The Roll

The roll app is also based on artificial Intelligency.This app was released by EyeEm. It is an Intelligent camera roll that helps in finding the best shots by assigning scores.The app uses image recognition technology which helps group the photos based on their content and highlights the best ones.The main features is that Photos get automatically tagged by it,s own and are displayed in groups.It also helps in searching and sharing without any confusion.The app is currently  available for Ios-only app but is  coming soon to Android phones.

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