/Fingerprint VS Iris Recognition, Which is better?

Fingerprint VS Iris Recognition, Which is better?

Fingerprint VS Iris Recognition:

I am using galaxy s8 + and also Iphone x.So I want to write on the security which they provide.

Iris recognition is a new type of the lock screeen open which is a litle bit cool.So I have provided the comparison down,So tell me which security feature you like the most.

Technology has allowed us to take advantage of unique parts of the body to increase the security of our privacy, and restrict access to places where we don’t want intruders. This involves the use of advanced biometric identification such as the fingerprint scanner and the iris recognition technology to capture the fingerprint and iris of an individual to determine their true identity.

Many governments have employed biometric technologies to improve data collection and investigation of crimes, and the technologies are widely used in many mobile devices for controlling who can access a device. These technologies have their pros and cons, but there have been arguments over the technology that provides better security. In this post, we will examine the pros and cons of using fingerprint and iris technology.

What is a Fingerprint scanner?

A fingerprint scanner uses advanced sensors to capture the fingerprint pattern of a person. This is because no two human beings have the same type of fingerprints, and this is why it is a powerful identification tool. The technology is secure but has some shortcomings. Researchers investigating the effectiveness of fingerprints made a Masterprint that could mimic the prints of other people with a 65% success rate.

Also, a fingerprint scanner does not work correctly if the fingerprint has some impurities such as grease, oil, and ink. It can also fail to work if the fingerprint is bruised and has some markings that were not present when it was first registered on the fingerprint scanner. In populations where the majority are involved in heavy physical activities that can wear off the fingerprints, using fingerprint scanners as a form of identity verification can be difficult, as the machine won’t be able to pick the worn-out prints.

This technology is now used my mobile sim companies to register a sim,and know correctly about the person and report him if he is caught in any inavalid activity or doing fraud.

Iris recognition technology:

The iris scanner works on the principle of the uniqueness of the human iris, as no two irises are the same. The iris scanner captures the image of the iris to verify the identity of an individual trying to access a restricted area or mobile device such as a smartphone. The iris recognition is more foolproof, does not require touch like the fingerprint, and is safe as it only needs a video to capture the image of the iris.

Iris scanners perform better than fingerprint scanners because unlike the fingerprint scanners, iris scanners do not require physical contact to capture or verify the identity of a person. It is also easier to use, faster, and more accurate than the fingerprint users. In some cases, an individual may have lost all the fingers of the hands and legs. Capturing the biometrics of this type of person is impossible with fingerprint technology. But with an iris scanner, all the operator has to do is bring the iris scanner close enough to the person’s face, and the image of their iris is captured easily.

Biometric technology has given us the opportunity to increase the level of security around us, using unique features of our morphology. Fingerprint technology and iris recognition are both effective ways of restricting access to private property and devices, but the iris scanner is more effective, easier to use, but costlier than the fingerprint scanner. Nevertheless, no technology is foolproof, and absolute vigilance might be necessary when technology fails.

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