/What is Forex Trading?Forex Trading vs Binary Trading-

What is Forex Trading?Forex Trading vs Binary Trading-

What is Forex Trading:

Forex is also known as foreign exchange.It is a global market where all the world currencies trade.It is the most famous trading platform with over $5 trillion of daily trading,which it makes the best trading platform .All forex trades involve two currencies EUR/USD.These two currencies are the most used paired currencies in the world.Forex trading offers higher variability and more risk for traders in the case  if they lost,because there is no specific amount of loosing or winning which is also one of the defects of Forex trading.In Forex trading there are no limits that how much trader can win or lose until they use tools to control trading. One of the most famous tool in forex trading is a stop loss, which prevents the traders from losing more than a certain amount.


Forex also has a tool which is known as margins.In Forex you are given a greater flexibility in controlling the trade.Forex trading operates 24 hours a day and five days in a week.There are also  no clearing fees,exchange fees, and also no government fees on forex.This market is soo much huge that it,s sales never goes to end.In forex trading, a small deposit can control a much larger total contract value. the forex market is so enormous, it is also extremely liquid is one of the  advantage of forex trading.

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Advanatges Of Forex Trading:

1:It is opened  in 24 hours a day and five days in a week.

2:There is no clearing fees,exchange fees, and no government fees.

3: The market is so much huge that the sales never ends.

4: There is flexibilty in forex trading.

5:There is Individual control in forex trading.

Disadvantages of Forex Trading:

1: There is no fixed amount of loss in trading.

2:When a brokerage is involved trading it  often leads to lack of transparency and less outcome of the investment.

3:One Man Show

4: High Volatility

5:Social Trading

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What is Binary Trading:

In Binary Trading there is fixed amount which users put onto the trading.The two main types of binary options are the cash-or-nothing.Binary options is based on a simple “put” or “call” proposition.In binary options there is specific amount which we can trade and get almost 91% maximum profit,which is the highest trade reward .This means that we can trade as much low or high amount which we can afford.The lowest amount for trading is $1.There is high amount of reward  and very fast trading makes a fast result.There is simple trading and not much information in requires for trading only a little information is required.

There are many markets available in binary trading,All markets offers different amount of reward %.So we can trade in any market in which we want.So we can trade in it any where at any time, if we are using a mobile or if a laptop.The Binary Trading is available in 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week.

Advantages of Binary Trading:

1:Lowest amount of trading is available.

2:Low amount of lose,and high amount of reward.

3:Binary options is available in 24 Hours a day and 7 Days a week.

4:Many trading Options are Availble.

5:We can trade anywhere at anytime.

Disadvantages of Binary Trading:

1:High Spread

2:Short Term Outlook

3:Illiquid Instruments

4:Few Assets.

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