/Overheating Issues in smartphones-How to stop?

Overheating Issues in smartphones-How to stop?

In today’s life, Smartphones play an important role for every person. Smartphones are also now the best friend  of everyone but what happen when your phone start heating too much and loses it,s battery life or the battery life becomes low ? In this type of condition you may be thinking that there is something seriously wrong with your smartphone and maybe is it going to blast or  it have any technical fault.But now it is a common thing because everyone uses mobile for hours to see movies,dramas or television shows or to play games but using smartphones for a long time also effects the battery life and the  smartphones also become hot,Following are the common reason which i find out myself for the overheating of smartphones.By overcoming these reasons you might save your mobile from overheating issues or overcharge.


Reasons For Over Heating:

1: Heavy Use:

The number one reason for overheating of smartphones is the heavy use of smartphone.We all uses too much apps but sometimes these apps are still running in background although,we are nnot using them.These apps become a type of load on processor.so our phone get hot.It’s  Not the only case of smartphones even same for Cars, TV, Freezers every electronic getting heat when it works. So naturally when it’s overworking it generate more heat.

2: Poor signals Strength:

Sometimes we go to such placed where the mobile phone signals are weak.This also effects phone ,In this case the smartphone antenas worked and the mobile becomes hot sometimes.

3: Usage of Mobile Phones While Charging :

It is also a common reason for the overheating of smartphones.When you charging your phone it generates heat. But If you using your phone while  the mobile ischarging it generates more heat even then the other condition.

4: Battery Problem in Smartphones:

Sometimes there is  no problem in smartphone.The problem is in the battery.The battery of mobile phone might become too hot .Today most of the smartphones came with Lithium-ion Battery. These are the best reachable battery till now. But there have some problems with this battery, One of that they degrade but it’s happening slowly and they are sensitive to heat.

5: Design of The Smart Phone:

For smartphone user’s specifications are not enough, they also need good looking phones that are why Companies make their products slimmer. But when it getting slim the heat processor release that easily you can fell.


If you forget your mobile while it is charging at overcharges then it might also causes mobile to overheat

How to stop overheating issues:

1: Disable unwanted Functions like Bluetooth,wifi & Gps Settings,if  not using them.

2: Usage of 4G and 3G Data for longer duration also effects the battery.

3: Too Many  Apps running at same time.

4: Old battery or Non-genuine battery also effects the battery service.

5: Too Many Apps in our smartphones also causes it to become hot.

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