/Removable Batteries vs Non-Removable batteries-Which one is Good?

Removable Batteries vs Non-Removable batteries-Which one is Good?

Removable batteries Vs Non-Removable batteries:

Removable Batteries are those batteries in which the battery can be removed easily from phone without any difficulty and non-removable batteries are those which cannot be removed from  phone.They are attached with phone and the phone is sealed.Sometime ago almost all the phones comes with removable batteries ,but as the technology evolved,there have been significant development in the battery ecosystem also so now the Companies are making phone with non-removable batteries because company is trying to reduce the size and making the phones slimmer, they often tend to include a battery which is not user removable. This means that battery of such type of mobile phones cannot be removed easily without proper knowledge.

Advantages of Removable Batteries:

1:Easy Restart Option:There are several instances where our phone got hang and it does not work.So we have to Just remove the battery and put it again and the phone will start working normally so this one is the main reason why people love this.

2:Emergency Battery:Many Peoples go on a long tour they do not have much time for charge their phones   a long tour then they take an extra battery for their phone for emergency.

3:Water damage:Sometime  we drop our phone in the water,as we are humans and we make many mistakes.Most of the times the phone is not completely damaged and can be easily cured by  drying.

4:Battery Replacement: If our phones Battery is not working properly then we can easily change our battery with new one.We just have to  get a new battery from the shop with the same specifications as that of the original one and put the new battery in phone.

Disadvantages Removable Batteries:

1: Phone may get damaged:Our phone may get damage due to taking out of battery at least 3 to 4 times a day.and in hurry , you might not follow the proper steps and end up damaging the parts such a pins or the SIM card slot.

2: Bulkier phones: our mobile phones have  great powers, comes great size. Allowing users to remove the batteries force manufacturers to add sufficient room for safe removal so that consumers do not damage the device.

3:Safety Purposes:When the mobile phone battery  expire then mostly people go local stores not the companies stories and buy any random battery and fit that on their phone. In Most of the cases It has been noticed that battery might not be the original  so there are chances that anything wrong with that battery, and later people blame  smartphone company that has manufactured that phone.

Advantages of Non-removable Batteries:

1: Battery Life:It has been also noticed that non-removable batteries have extra life that removable batteries.

2: Slim Design:Everyone wants a slim and beautiful designed mobile phone but for the companies who made mobile phones it is impossible if the battery is not fixed with mobile phone that,s why they use non-removable batteries.

3: Safety Purposes: As I told earlier when you use an authorized battery your safety is more guaranteed than normal one.

Disadvantages Of non-removable batteries:

1:Costly Service:If the mobile has some fault so we will have to take the mobile to the companies service centre.They will do good service but they will charge too much for their service

2: Easy Restart Option: In non-removable battery mobiles easy restart option is not available because the battery is fixed.

3: Over Heating Issues: There are heating issues reported in non-removable batteries smartphones which is quite greater than removable smartphones.To Read more Click here why you phones are overheating and how to protect them.

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