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What is VPN?-Advantages Of Vpn


What is VPN?

Vpn stands for virtual private network.It is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted network over an insecure network like the Internet. Basically, Public network like  in malls or some shops or restaurants the internet there is not 100% secure, we must think twice before doing anything on the internet, so that’s why VPN is a great option in front of internet user’s at such times because it gives protects our info so we can use the network without any worry and tension.

It often offers anonymity by hiding the user and makes it very hard to track them,For these services  it is  now become the first choice of people to use it when they want their identity to hide from others.Basically, VPN is a technology that allows You to create a secure Connection to another network over the Internet.


Most of the  Countries have ISP(Internet service provider) and People are basically connecting to the Internet through ISP(Internet service provider) but these ISP Services are controlled by the government of that country. So, when the government decided to block some websites or some services then these websites can not be opened from internet from those countries due to ISP(Internet service provider) block.But When you use vpn Connect to the internet,then you can safely browse internet because vpn(Internet service provider) bypass the country censorship. So now VPN can connect you to the specific website or online content. Because using vpn there is no ISP so there will be no ISP block. You can browse whatever you want even if the contained is stillbanned in your country.

Advantages of Vpn:

  • Escaped Country Censorship :If your country has blocked something like sometimes some websites are blocked in some certain countries so the people ther uses vpn to use such websites.Like if peoples  are from outside the USA still  but still they use Netflix by using VPN service.at one time youtube was blocked in some  countries due to some reason.In a survey the people said that they use vpn to open youtube.
  • Use Public WI-FI with confidence :You can use Any public connection like  hotel wi-fi or shopping mall wifi network without fear of stealing your data because VPN will protect your data with the end to end encryption.
  • Escaped Country Censorship :you can easily use websites and online services that are banned in your country by bypassing your ISP block.
  • Use public network with Full Satisfaction: Vpn provide you end to end encryption secure network so your data will safe even hackers try to steal them but they cannot try ti steal it.
  • Hide your Identity :Vpn will hideidentity by changing  IP address. So, now we are untraceable on the internet.

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Disadvantages Of virtual private network:

  • Effect of vpn on browsing speed: The biggest disadvantage of using it is that the speed of the internet becomes very slow if you are not using a high quality vpn service that can affect your web browing.
  • Data may not transfer properly: One of the other biggest disadvantage of the vpn is that if you are using a free vpn then it may not work properly and yit may not transfer data properly that can cause a lot of trouble for you.
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